Fuel and Oil Transportation Vehicles

Cistern for oil transportation or auto cistern with truck superstructure is used for transportation of oil and oil derivates.

Chassis: standard with two or three axes, caring capacity = liquid mass + 2000 3000 kg. With PTO with Cardan shaft for pump drive. Electric installation did according to ADR regulations.

A reservoir made by welding of good quality carbon steel, coffins square cut. For capacity 6 m³, dimensions 1800 X 960 mm, length of the reservoir is around 4200 mm. Fuel pouring in is done using pour in section or trough pump. Emptying the fuel is on the back side or on the side using gravity force, or trough pump and mechanical or electronic flow measures produced by “ALFONS HAAR”, flow 100 to 500 l/min. They are equipped with the measuring group and the roller with the hose of 10 to 30m of length, with (pistol) valve for pouring.
Pump, measuring group and winch with valve is placed in special box on the back or on the side of the vehicle.

This truck superstructure is used for transportation of white fuel density from 750 kg/m³ up to 850 kg/m³. This vehicle with truck superstructure is build up according to regulation for transport of dangerous and flammable materials, ADR regulation and the rules of the road. Tank cans bee one chamber tank with coffins square cut or more chamber tank.

Options: steel or aluminium tank.
Measuring and emptying equipment: ALFONS HAAR or from some other manufacturers.
Fuel pouring: using pour in section or through hose installation “flooring”, according latest ecological regulations.

Cistern filling in through cover is provided with ALFONS HAAR equipment and all necessary hose installation. DN 3 installation provides emptying the fuel using gravity force, or trough pump aggregate powered by stand-by engine and flow measures. Emptying is also done using drum with hose and pistol. Flow meter, drum and drain taps are placed in special box on the back side of the vehicle.



VCG - 16



VCG - 9



VCG - 9



Vehicle data
Chassis: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, or other
Gross weight: 10t to 26t
Fuel tank volume:  4500-16000l
Pump: 250-500 l/min, 7bar


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