Fire trucks equipped with the CAFS compressed air foam system enable the highest extinguishing efficiency with the lowest consumption of foam and water. They are intended for extinguishing fires of solid flammable substances (fires of class "A"), fires of highly flammable liquids (fires of class "B") and gases (fires of class "C"). They are especially effective in extinguishing fires in residential areas, industrial facilities, tire depots, as well as in extinguishing forest fires. They are suitable for use in urban areas and for interventions outside the city.


Advantages compared to vehicles with a classic foam education system:
- higher efficiency (5 times shorter shutdown time)
- reduced consumption of water (2-5 times) and foam (6-10 times)
- faster temperature reduction
- operation in low pressure mode (7 bar)
- minor damage due to soaking with water
- easy manipulation of the intestines due to air filling
- low resistance in the hoses
- long range of foam




CAFS 350-30



CAFS 400-30, 4x4 OFF Road



CAFS 4000-100+100



CAFS 4000-1000-750





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